Dreams Fulfilled

“I feel like you will forever be a part of the memories of our wedding. You were there every step of the way and you made me feel like everything was under control.”

- Jennifer Thorne

“My bridal luncheon wouldn’t have been the same without your help! Everything was so elegant and more than I expected or imagined!”

- Theresa Moore

“Our 25th wedding anniversary celebration was a magnificent and unforgettable occasion with perfection. You were very knowledgeable and experienced.”

- Alfonza & Sarah Dean

“Thank you for stepping in at the last minute to direct our wedding and reception. We don’t know what we would have done without you.”

- Scott & Alison Knott

“Krista, you truly are amazing! You thought of everything! Thank you so much!”

- Meredith Gorman

“We had a blast at our engagement party! Everything fit so well with the theme and I didn’t feel stressed out at all. Thanks again for a great night!”

- Justin Burnett & Sophia Martinez

“Your professionalism and hard work paid off Krista! I couldn’t have asked for a better engagement party!”

- NaChelle Jones

“Thank you for making the celebration of the start of our lives together so unforgettable! Our family and friends are still talking about it!”

- Paul & Diane Kirkman

“Thank you, Ms. Krista, for planning my sweet 16! All my friends had so much fun and they said I had the best party in the school.”

- Kaitlin Spearman

“You made turning 50 a fun experience! It felt like I really was in Hollywood with all that you did, and I definitely felt like the celebrity of the night!”

- Deborah Petty

“I didn’t expect you to include all the details we talked about in planning my birthday party! It truly was the best birthday party I’ve had in a long time. This will be one I won’t forget.”

- Joann McKinney